Correction of Information


     Persons shall have the right to file an application requesting the state agencies which have control over personal information relating to such persons in order to correct, change or delete any part of information which in their opinion is inaccurate according to the factual material (Section 25 paragraph 3).


     Upon inspection of such information, if a person finds any part of the information relating to him is inaccurate, he may file a request to the state agency to correct such information. If the state agency does not correct, alter or delete such information according to such request, the person filing such request shall have the right to file an appeal to the Information Disclosure Tribunal within 30 days from the date he is notified of the order not to correct, alter or delete of such information.


     If the owner of such information is a minor, an incompetent person, a quasi-competent person or a deceased, the law provides that the persons according to the Ministerial Regulations shall have to exercise the rights in order to protect such personal information in inspecting such information and requesting for correction of such personal information on behalf of the owner of such personal information (Section 25 paragraph 5). For example, in the event that a person passed away and there was no will, the following persons as prescribed by law shall have the right to act on behalf of the deceased:


       (1) legitimate child;
       (2) spouse;
       (3) father or mother;
       (4) descendants; or
       (5) brother or sister of full blood.