Steps to be taken in exercising the rights under the Act


     If the State agency violates or fails to perform its duties under Section 13 or Section 33 of the Act, such a person shall have the right to file an appeal with the Board by taking the following steps


1. To consider if the State agency’s behaviour or performance falls into the following characters:
     1) The State agency does not publish the information in the Royal Gazette (Section 7)
     2) The State agency does not make available the information for public inspection (Section 9)้
     3) The State agency does not make available the information as requested (Section 11)
     4) The State agency does not provide accurate advice to the person requesting for the information nor does not forward

         the request to the State agency exercising the control of such information (Section 12)
     5) The State agency does not inform the interested person to submit his/ her objection against the official information

         disclosure (Section 17)
     6) The State agency fails to comply with the provisions of law relating to the provision of a personal information

         system (Section 23)
     7) The State agency discloses personal information without the written consent of the information owner (Section 24)
     8) The State agency has performed any acts that affect the right of the owner of any personal information without being

         in violation of Section 25, (except for Section 25 paragraph 4)
     9) The State agency fails to deliver historical information to the National Archives Division, Fine Arts Department in order

         that the information is selected for public studies (Section 26)
     10) The State agency delays in performing its duties or fails to provide services in relation to information (Section 13)
     11) A person considers that he does not receive convenience in relation to the ‘right-to-know’ information without reasonable

         cause (Section 13)
     12) The State agency denies that there is such information as requested and the person so requesting does not believe that

         the State agency’s denial is not true (Section 33).

2. Lodging the complaint by the complaint maker or by proxy.
     The complaint can be lodged with the Board at the Office, Office of the Permanent Secretary of the Prime Minister (2nd Floor, the Government House, Bangkok 10300. The complaint can be lodged via mail.