Steps to be take and Appeal Procedures


     General public shall have the right to file an appeal to the Official Information Commission in order that the appeal shall be forwarded

to the Information Disclosure Tribunal who have expertise in certain areas of information. Steps to be taken and appeal procedures are

as follows:

1. The Tribunal to consider if the government agency has performed or followed the following steps or not:
     1) In the case where the government agency has issued an order not to disclose information despite a request for information

     2) In the case where the government agency refuses to an objection to information disclosure where the person who objects such

         information disclosure is the interested party and such interested party has filed an objection with the supporting reasons in order

         for suchgovernment agency to disclose information; and
     3) In the case where the government agency denies to rectify the personal information upon the owner of such personal information

         has discovered that the personal information kept with the government agency is not correct and has filed a written request with

         such government agency to correct his personal information.


2. To file an appeal with the Information Disclosure Tribuna

     through the Official Information Commission. However, the appeal can be sent via mail at the Office of the Official Information Commission, the Office of the Permanent Secretary to the Prime Minister (2nd Floor), the Government House, Bangkok 10300,
Tel No. 0-2281-8559, Fax No. 0-2281-8543

3. The consideration of the Information Disclosure Tribunal can be obtained within 60 days